WBO will review Pacquiao-Horn bout result, without reversal


Because of the contentious unanimous decision dropped in favour of Australian Jeff Horn, the World Boxing Organization has finally agreed to re-score the “battle of Brisbane” bout, but without any reversal in the result.  

The WBO responded to the Philippines Games and Amusements Board – GAB’s request to review the fight after Pacquiao said that the decision against him was unfair and he doesn’t want to see boxing “dying” because of any unfair decision. Gab criticized the referee and judges leading to a demanded review.

The president of WBO Mr. Valcarcel wrote to the Filipino regulator on Wednesday, saying –

“I would be very grateful if the GAB can provide any evidence indicating fraud or violation of law,”

“The purpose of this review is to be able to give the fans certainty of who was the winner of the bout, even though we do not have the power to reverse the decision of the judges he added.”

The welterweight fight between the Pac-Horn ended with 117-111 by Waleksa Roldan and 115-113 each Chris Flores and Ramon Cerdan, out of which Cerdan’s scoring, faced most criticism.

The WBO will appoint five “anonymous competent judges from different countries to watch the bout without sound distraction” who will review the fight and tabulate their own scores round-by-round.

However Valcarcel clearly said that WBO do not have any power to reverse the bout decision.

“The decision of an official should only be revoked when fraud or violations of the law occur. I assure you that the officials who participated in this fight are all professional, distinguished, honest and honorable human beings,” he added.

Valcercel also asked GAB to provide proof of fraud or violation of the law, if any, to the Australian National Boxing Federation and also to the WBO.

Not to forget, the 38-year-old fighter and Philippines Senator Pacquiao has a clause for rematch with 29-year-old unbeaten Horn in the contract.

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